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THY Whisky Distillery 13.10.23 with owner and master distiller Jakob Stjernholm - 21 Uhr

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with owner and master distiller Jakob Stjernholm

Bremen, Lemon Lounge 13.10.23 – 21 Uhr - Vortrag in englischer Sprache




Thy Whisky Distillery is a small family owned and organic farm distillery in Danmark located between the windy North Sea and the Limfjord.


Thy has been making single estate, single malt whisky on the family estate, “Gyrup”, since 2010.


Although not yet very well known in Germany, Thy is famous in Denmark as one of the founders of Danish whisky and is widely recognized for uncompromising quality. The entire production from farming to bottling is done at the estate using a a unique ‘single distillation’ process and a malting system of own design to create unique flavour.


Thy whisky is all but ordinary single malt whisky. The goal of Thy is to make truly Danish whisky, smoking with the traditional Danish beechwood instead of peat, making both single malt and spelt-rye whisky and experimenting with 100-year-old Danish heritage barley varieties.


Thy has received numerous international awards, among others Best European Whisky in Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible in 2020 and holds the title as Best Single Estate Distillery (rest of world) from Whisky Icons 2023.


For this special tasting you will get a chance to meet co-owner and master distiller Jakob Stjernholm, who will tell the story of Thy and guide you through the tasting.


We will taste 7-8 whiskies selected from Thy’s limited edition and distillery edition ranges as well as unique cask samples from the warehouse.


For anyone interested there will be a chance to learn more about Thy’s cask share programme.


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  • in english
  • Mit Owner und Master Distiller Jakob Stjernholm
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Beginn ist um 21.00 Uhr. Einlass ist ab 20.45 Uhr.

ORT: Lemon Lounge, Am Wall 164, 28195 Bremen


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